“Fashion reflects the times, although, when times are banal, we’d rather forget about it”. C. Chanel


The most precious creations and contributions in the world of couture often come from the genius minds of great designers, who left their mark and achieve fame, success and fortune. Femininity is expressed in a natural and engaging way by women who were able to perfectly mix refined elegance and trends. Femininity becomes the fulcrum around which the entire creative universe rotates, giving life to couture creations, which will be presented with trunk shows featuring beautiful models. The aesthetic of shape is sublimated with pieces of clothing and perfect accessories for every high class woman.

Coco Chanel, the Queen of Femininity

Chanel is one of the most beloved brands in the entire couture world. Thanks to its timeless allure and the image of real femininity showed in all its creations, the maison of Rue Cambon 31 soon gained a prestigious position among the best brands. In achieving this great success, an essential contribution comes from the story of her founder, Gabrielle Coco Chanel, one of the most famous designers of all times. According to the most famous version of the story, her nickname, Coco, comes from the song Qui qu’a vu Coco?, which Gabrielle used to sing, although there are other versions of the story. It soon became a symbol of her inspiration, representing the sense of austerity and love for black and white,as well as the passion for an opulent style.

A succession of emotions and feelings constantly featured in every Chanel collection. Not only has her famous N.5 perfume revolutionized the world of fashion and perfumes: that number also indicates her sign, Leo, the fifth of the zodiac. Chanel particularly loved this symbol, which could also be found in the buttons of her creations and in her bijoux. The highest degree of femininity was expressed through the creation of the famous Chanel jacket, the piece of clothing that set women free, becoming a symbol of feminine elegance thanks to Coco. Even today, that jacket is a milestone of both the maison and every woman’s wardrobe in the entire world, such as the 2.55 handbag and the symbol of  camellia.

The feminine genius leaves its mark in couture

Besides Coco Chanel, many other feminine brands left their mark internationally. Through a very artistic reflection, one can create virtuous models, something suggesting actual revolutions, defining new curses in couture. that’s what happened with Elsa Schiapparelli, who started working in the fashion industry in 1927, soon defining her own style: high level, very tight fitting clothes with a touch of originality and something unexpected such as visible zippers, used for the first time. A few decades later, the activity of famous female designers such as Miuccia Prada, leading her own maison since 1978, with continuous innovations and refined and elegant creations, always with an eye of modern fashion, is always an important part of the world of couture. Another great brand is Diane Von Furstenberg’s, which revolutionized the world of couture with her wrapping jersey dresses. Just like Donna Karan, who built an empire with her elegant woman collection featuring simple and elegant pieces of clothing as well as dressed that can be worn in many different ways, allowing every woman to express her personality at best.