Sara Sabella Isola d’Ischia - The Best of You

Wearing Quality

The best of ourselves to the best of you.

Sara Sabella Isola d’Ischia has as its mission the search for quality in every detail.

Since 1982, we have studied and taken care of all the details of the production process, customizing each collection with elements which skilfully combine classical Italian excellence with a distinctive splash of your own personal style.

We seek out the best products from the handmade Italian sector, allowing you to wear fabrics produced exclusively for you, each item embellished with an expert touch, following in the best traditions of craftsmanship.

We share the results of our detailed research with you, offering you a look which is both elegant and personal.

Qualità Made in Italy

Wearing Your Personality

We enhance your personality, offering you clothes which emphasize the elegance of your every movement, showing the refinement and unexpected detail of timeless classics with a good Italian cut.

Sara Sabella Isola d’Ischia offers a total look for every occasion providing two lines which meet your everyday social requirements:

Sara Sabella Isola D’Ischia

is devoted to the elegance of classical female clothing which goes beyond fashion: sheath dresses, skirts, pants and jackets characterized by their sartorial elegance, their precise lines and high-quality fabrics, embellished with rhinestones and jewellery.

Sara Sabella Weekend Collection

is dedicated to lightness and the colours of the island; it is a more youthful line producing outfits which are both lively and fashionable.

Wearing the Sea

‘Handmade’ and ‘Made in Italy’ are a guarantee of quality but also of sustainable growth and ethical considerations: wearing clothes from Sara Sabella Isola d’Ischia indicates your respect for the environment and the rights of employees; it is a return to the traditions of craftsmanship in which love and respect for the environment in which we live go hand in hand.

It is from the environment that we draw our inspiration for the pieces in our collections: the island of Ischia itself plays a leading role in our collections. The colours of the sunset over the sea, the landscapes of the volcano and the endless horizon are all inexhaustible sources of inspiration which allow us to let you to feel the emotion of a braking wave, the warmth of the sun on your skin or the breeze caressing your hair.

Sara Sabella Isola d’Ischia - The Best of You



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